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All of our hair clips, fascinators and bows can be clipped onto our baby & children's boutique crochet beanie hats and interchanged so that you can get multiple styles to go with any outfit.  The clips can also be removed from the hats and worn directly in a child or momma's hair!  Being able to remove the embellishment from the hat also makes it easier to wash the beanie.

NEW: We now have a wider range of sizes in our top-selling peacock feathers hats & zebra print hats

Pink & Zebra Print Couture Hat-pink, beanie, hat, zebra, black, feather, clip
Pink & Zebra Print Couture Hat
Turquoise/Brown Peacock Beanie Hat-peacock, feather, turquoise, brown, hat, beanie, clip
Turquoise/Brown Peacock Beanie Hat
$18.50 $14.00
Crochet Beanie Hat-crochet, hat, beanie
Crochet Beanie Hat
$4.99 $2.99
Black Couture Zebra Feather Hat-black, hat, zebra, pink, feather, beanie
Black Couture Zebra Feather Hat
Brown, Cream & Leopard Beanie-brown, pink, cream, lace, hat, beanie, leopard, vintage
Brown, Cream & Leopard Beanie
$12.50 $6.99
Zebra & Hot Pink Feather Hat-zebra print, animal print, zebra, black, white, pink, feather, hot pink, fuschia
Zebra & Hot Pink Feather Hat
Black & Gray Feather Beanie (choose hat color)-black, grey, feather, hat, flapper, beanie, feather hat
Black & Gray Feather Beanie (choose hat color)
Leopard & Peacock Beanie (Choose Hat Color)-turquoise, brown, leopard, peacock, feather, beanie, hat
Leopard & Peacock Beanie (Choose Hat Color)
$18.50 $16.50
Pink Satin, Feather & Lace Beanie-pink, feather, hat, beanie, lace
Pink Satin, Feather & Lace Beanie
Pink Feather Beanie Hat-pink, beanie, hat, feather
Pink Feather Beanie Hat
$10.00 $8.99
Brown & Pink Lace & Satin Hat-pink, brown, hat, satin, lace
Brown & Pink Lace & Satin Hat
Funky Peacock Feather Hat-turquoise, brown, purple, feather hat, fascinator, peacock
Funky Peacock Feather Hat
$16.00 $14.00
Pink Floral & Zebra Beanie Hat-zebra print, pink, feathers, lace, pearl, over-the-top, hat, white
Pink Floral & Zebra Beanie Hat
Mad Hatter Pink Top Hat Fascinator-pink, black, top hat, mad hatter, alice in wonderland, glitter
Mad Hatter Pink Top Hat Fascinator
Hot Pink & Zebra Diva Beanie-zebra print, pink, black, hat, beanie, rock star, diva, star
Hot Pink & Zebra Diva Beanie
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